Merchant - EET - Standard



Solution for SONET and UniCredit Bank customers

1. Initial settings


SONET solution for electronic registration of sales was launched on 25th November 2016. In this manual, we try to explain to our clients quickly and easily what needs to be set in our systems so that EET can work smoothly.

2. EET till


EET till is an integral part of the EET web application, which can be found on the POSMan Suite portal. The function of the EET till can substitute for the role of POS payment terminal and therefore it is used mainly for sending transactions to the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic via the web interface.

3. Transaction viewer


You can also search in an overview of transactions made on your devices.

4. Change requests management


Change requests are used by the user within the EET application to set parameters that significantly affect the registration of transactions for the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic. Take a look at how to change VAT ID, VAT mode, Merchant store ID or Sale regime.

5. Payment terminals


User manuals for EET transactions on payment terminals (available in Czech only):

6. External sources

  • Official website of electronic registrations of sales project -
  • Electronic registration of sales -