Merchant - EET - Standard - Settings - Certificates

EET setup process



On the portal go through the (Services -> Applications) -> EET -> Settings in the top menu to the Certificates.

1. VAT number


To upload a certificate, first enter your VAT number (tax identification number) in the field provided. The VAT number is assigned by the tax administrator to both VAT payers and non-payers and is required for the correct functioning of the EET. If you do not know your VAT number, please contact your tax administrator or tax office.

In the next field, select whether you want your VAT number to be displayed on the receipt.

2. Name and scope


Name the certificate. You can choose any name.


Choose whether you want to apply the certificate to the entire merchant or just a specific store.

use for

If you select Merchant store, you will see a field for selecting a specific store.

merchant store selection

3. Upload a certificate

certificate upload

Use the Browse button to choose the export certificate file from your computer.
The file has .p12 extension and you received it from the Financial Administration.

In the password field, enter the password for the certificate private key, that you chose when you applied for the certificate.

After filling in, click the Submit button.