Merchant - EET - Standard - Transactions



Transaction Viewer

1. Introduction


On the portal go through the (Services -> Applications) -> EET in the top menu to the Transactions. In this viewer, you can see an overview of transactions from your individual devices.

2. Filters


You can filter transactions for better overview and search. To do this, click the Filters button to expand the input fields.

Filters contain:

  • Merchant store – to choose from your stores
  • Receipt – receipt number
  • Date from-to – date of sale*
  • Amount from-to – amount in CZK*
  • TID – Terminal ID, ie the identification code of the terminal from which the transaction was sent
  • DeviceID – for example, in more merchant stores where each store has a different number
  • VAT number – Tax identification number
  • MID – Merchant ID, ie the merchant identification code
  • Merchant store ID – again, for example, in more merchant stores where each store has a different number

*2 fields to select the time range (from - to).

Press the Filter button to apply the selected filters. To clear filters and view all transactions, use the Clear filter button.

3. Table


The table with transaction overview shows fields with TID, Device ID, VAT number, MID, Merchant store ID, Receipt, Sale date and Amount total (CZK).

On the right below the table, you can switch to other pages and export the report to an XLS file via the Export XLS button.

4. Receipt detail


Click "i" (in the outermost column of the report table) to open the receipt detail.

You can find, among other things, the BKP and FIK code in the receipt detail. Use the button next to Back to initiate printing of the receipt.