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POSMan II manuals


You will here find helpful guides to familiarize yourself with POSMan II features

Create Communication

The guide will introduce you to how to create and set up communication ...

Create Person

The "Create Person" guide explains how to register a person in the system, including additional information such as documents ...

Person Overview

The guide focuses on listing person, filtering person, and viewing information about a person

Create & Update Project

If you are not sure how to create and update a project, see the "Create & Update project" guide

Project Overview

The guide focuses on listing projects, filtering projects, and viewing project information

Ares Validace

Here you will find information about Ares subject validation

Editace Subjektu

For more information about subject editing, see the "Subject Editing" manual.

Specifikace Subjektu

The guide will show you how to specify the subject.

Subject Overview

The guide focuses on listing subjects, filtering subjects, and viewing subject information

Create Subsidiary

Explained how to implement Subsidiary into the system.

Subsidiary Overview

The guide focuses on listing Subsidiary, filtering Subsidiary, and displaying information about Subsidiary

Service Order

For information about setting up records, listing services or other settings, see the "Service Order" manual